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Alan and I had a truly wonderful experience in Ecuador. Santiago and the rest of staff were excellent hosts, as was the La Pinta and its staff. We had an amazing trip.
Hannah, we are back from our fabulous vacation, and I am so very thankful to you for setting it all up. Please provide me with your supervisor's name and email address so I can give you proper credit! Dilger couple, Custom Galapagos Land Based, March 2012
THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!! The trip was outstanding; all the arrangements were perfect – from the time we were met at the airport in Quito – to the time we were returned to the airport in Guayaquil.

Fundación Scalecia Galapagos

Think Globally, Educate Locally.

The children of the world are the hope for its future. We believe in education as one of the principal tools to ensure sustainability in the long term. The Scalesia Foundation is the only non-governmental institution that is investing 100% of its efforts in EDUCATION on the Islands.

Latin Excursions is an important contributor of Fundación Scalecia please visit our foundation's friends page

About the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands:

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Each of the major Galapagos Islands



North Seymour

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Must-See Galapagos Islands
It’s hard to say which are the best Islands in the Galapagos, it really depends on your interests.

Charles Darwin stumbled upon the Galapagos Islands 169 years ago. He must have been surprised when a 400-pound tortoise plodded by, or when a dragon-like iguana stared at him from a rock. The constant seismic activity that formed the islands, combined with their isolation from the world, has been the incubator for this archipelago’s rare and unusual animal life. Discover Darwin’s treasure: a diversity of life that is found nowhere else. From the Galapagos Islands, consider extending your stay to mainland Ecuador, home of a beautiful and gentle people

Animals Everywhere Close & Safe
There is simply no better place on Earth than the Galapagos for you (adults and kids of all ages) to get so close to so many species of animals safely in the wild. When we say close we mean there is nothing between you and the creatures you are watching as you walk along beaches, marked trails or snorkel in bays. You literally have to watch your step so as not to trip over some exotic creature, and often have to make way as animals demand the right of way. Here are some typical experiences enjoyed daily in the islands:

  • You step onto a sandy shore to a welcoming committee of sea lion pups intent on greeting your toes.
  • You track down a giant ET-like tortoise in the lush green highlands.
  • An unconcerned land iguana watches you pass as he waits for a prickly pear to drop from a cactus for dinner.
  • Green sea turtles & eagle rays glide just beneath the transparent surface of a mangrove lagoon just a few feet from your raft.
  • Dolphins play in the bow wake of your island-hopping yacht.
  • A band of marine iguanas rest atop one another in a large heap, looking like a nursery for Godzilla’s children.
  • A pair of waved albatross duel with their beaks in a mating ritual.
  • A young sea lion almost touches your snorkeling mask with its nose, as colorful king angel fish, parrot fish and Harlequin wrasse swim nearby.
  • Tiny Galapagos penguins hop from rock to rock before darting into the water like miniature torpedoes.
  • Blue-footed boobies show off their feet to potential mates on one side of the trail, while Magnificent frigate birds try and outdo them in the branches on the other side of the path by inflating their large scarlet throat sacks.

Galapagos Map