THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!! The trip was outstanding; all the arrangements were perfect – from the time we were met at the airport in Quito – to the time we were returned to the airport in Guayaquil.
The luxury Cruises like lapinta, Isabela, and santa cruz cruise are ultimate luxurious ships. these cruises will make your journey a pleasant one.
Alan and I had a truly wonderful experience in Ecuador. Santiago and the rest of staff were excellent hosts, as was the La Pinta and its staff. We had an amazing trip.
Hannah, we are back from our fabulous vacation, and I am so very thankful to you for setting it all up. Please provide me with your supervisor's name and email address so I can give you proper credit! Dilger couple, Custom Galapagos Land Based, March 2012

Fundación Scalecia Galapagos

Think Globally, Educate Locally.

The children of the world are the hope for its future. We believe in education as one of the principal tools to ensure sustainability in the long term. The Scalesia Foundation is the only non-governmental institution that is investing 100% of its efforts in EDUCATION on the Islands.

Latin Excursions is an important contributor of Fundación Scalecia please visit our foundation's friends page


Rabida Island

Alternative Name: Jervis IslandTotal Land Area: 4.9 km²Highlights: White cheeked pintail ducks, sea lions, snorkeling, red beach, salt water lagoon, Palo Santo trees

At the geologic center of the archipelago, Jervis presents a different “look” from the other islands, with its reddish beach and cliffs, and steep, sloping volcanic cinder-cones. A noisy colony of sea lions lives on the beach, and a short trail inland is a good place to observe land birds, including finches, doves, yellow warblers and mockingbirds. Hidden behind a narrow strip of green saltbush is a briny lagoon where flamingoes are often seen, sometimes nesting. Snorkeling along the rocks at the east end of the beach reveals many reef fish common to these waters.