Hannah, we are back from our fabulous vacation, and I am so very thankful to you for setting it all up. Please provide me with your supervisor's name and email address so I can give you proper credit! Dilger couple, Custom Galapagos Land Based, March 2012
The luxury Cruises like lapinta, Isabela, and santa cruz cruise are ultimate luxurious ships. these cruises will make your journey a pleasant one.
Alan and I had a truly wonderful experience in Ecuador. Santiago and the rest of staff were excellent hosts, as was the La Pinta and its staff. We had an amazing trip.
THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!! The trip was outstanding; all the arrangements were perfect – from the time we were met at the airport in Quito – to the time we were returned to the airport in Guayaquil.

Fundación Scalecia Galapagos

Think Globally, Educate Locally.

The children of the world are the hope for its future. We believe in education as one of the principal tools to ensure sustainability in the long term. The Scalesia Foundation is the only non-governmental institution that is investing 100% of its efforts in EDUCATION on the Islands.

Latin Excursions is an important contributor of Fundación Scalecia please visit our foundation's friends page

Grand Odyssey

This 16-passenger yacht is a brand-new option in the Galapagos Islands, and offers a selection of excellent 5 day, 6 day and longer itineraries. Its small size is ideal for exploring the Galapagos Islands; more active travelers can enjoy their time on the cruise with eight sea kayaks on board for guest use. A shorter cruise on the Grand Odyssey is an excellent option to combine with several days at Safari Camp for activities like mountain biking.


16 Passengers
Length: 138 ft
Crew: 10
Speed: 12 knots


9 cabins; 1 Odyssey Suite; 2 Superior Suites; 5 Classic Suites.


Private bathroom, air conditioning, hot water, sundeck, bar/salon, Jacuzz¡, sea kayaks.


Snorkel equipment is available free of charge; wetsuits are $30 per 5 day cruise, $35 per 6 day cruise and $50 per 10 day cruise.

2013 Naturalist Itineraries

5D/4N  ( Central Islands)

Departures  Sunday-Thursday.  Contact us for details on itineraries and availability dates
Central Islands 5 day/4 night Day Islands Visitors Sites
Sunday Baltra, Santa Cruz Baltra airport, Dragon Hill
Monday Santa Cruz, Chinese Hat Black Turtle Cove, Chinese Hat
Tuesday Genovesa  Prince Phillip’s Steps, Darwin Bay
Wednesday Bartolome, Santiago  Bartolome, Sullivan Bay
 Thursday Santa Cruz, Baltra  Highlands, Baltra airport

6D/5N (Eastern & Central Islands)

Departures Tuesday-Sunday.  Contact us for details on itineraries and availability dates.
Eastern & Central Islands 6day/5night Day Islands Visitors Sites
Tuesday San Cristobal San Cristobal airport, Cerro Colorado, Pto Chino Beach
Wednesday Española  Punta Suarez, Gardner bay
Thursday Floreana  Punta Cormorant, Devil’s Crown, Post Office Bay
Friday Santa Fe, South Plaza  Santa Fe, South Plaza
Saturday North Seymour, Santa Cruz  North Seymour, Bachas Beach
Sunday Mosquera, Baltra  Mosquera, Baltra airport

6D/5N (Central & Western Islands)

Departures Thursday-Tuesday.  Contact us for details on itineraries and availability dates.
Central & Western Islands 6day/5night  Day Islands Visitors Sites
Thursday Baltra, Santa Cruz Baltra airport, Charles Darwin Station
Friday Isabela  White Tipped Reef Shark Canal, Sierra Negra Volcano
Saturday Isabela  Punta Moreno, Elizabeth Bay
Sunday Fernandina, Isabela  Punta Espinoza, Tagus Cove
Monday Santiago  Espumilla Beach, Buccaneer Cove, Puerto Egas
Tuesday Isla Lobos, San Cristobal  Isla Lobos, San Cristobal airport

2013 Cruise Rates

5D/4N 6D/5N 10D/9N 11D/10N 15D/14N
4.598 5.664 9.914 10.848 14.734
3.832 4.720 8.262 9.040 12.278
61.312 75.520 132.192 144.640 196.448
  • This yacht does not include the option of diving.
  • Please check with our sales staff prior to booking for details on these and longer itineraries
  • Itineraries may be combined into one.  You would not be visiting same site twice.
  • For single cabin a supplement may apply.
  • A supplement and special conditions may apply for Christmas, New Year and Easter departures