The luxury Cruises like lapinta, Isabela, and santa cruz cruise are ultimate luxurious ships. these cruises will make your journey a pleasant one.
THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!! The trip was outstanding; all the arrangements were perfect – from the time we were met at the airport in Quito – to the time we were returned to the airport in Guayaquil.
Alan and I had a truly wonderful experience in Ecuador. Santiago and the rest of staff were excellent hosts, as was the La Pinta and its staff. We had an amazing trip.
Hannah, we are back from our fabulous vacation, and I am so very thankful to you for setting it all up. Please provide me with your supervisor's name and email address so I can give you proper credit! Dilger couple, Custom Galapagos Land Based, March 2012

Fundación Scalecia Galapagos

Think Globally, Educate Locally.

The children of the world are the hope for its future. We believe in education as one of the principal tools to ensure sustainability in the long term. The Scalesia Foundation is the only non-governmental institution that is investing 100% of its efforts in EDUCATION on the Islands.

Latin Excursions is an important contributor of Fundación Scalecia please visit our foundation's friends page

December Holiday at Galapagos’s Safari Camp

Due to a last minute cancellation, the exclusive Galapagos’s Safari Camp is offering 8 available tents on the highly demanded week of December 20th-24th, 2012.

For this special time of the year, Safari Camp has created a exclusive 4 nights / 5 days program that also includes a chartered day Yacht to visit the most exciting sights on the Islands.

Here’s a short summary of the excursions and activities of this unique program.

THURSDAY 20 DECEMBER - Seeking Giant Tortoises Travelers will be met by Galapagos Safari Camp Staff upon arrival at Baltra, and transferred in private to the camp. Enroute, we will stop at a farm in the highlands for a tasty lunch followed by a complete tour of the area, exploring various vegetation zones and microclimates, walking around pit craters, through lava tunnels and getting acquainted with endemic Scalesia and Guayabillo forests. At the Tortoise Reserve, travelers will observe the emblematic giant tortoises in their natural habitat and the abundant bird life of the highlands. A welcome cocktail party will be held at Galapagos Safari Camp, followed by dinner, for all travelers. Overnight at Galapagos Safari Camp (L, D)

FRIDAY 21 DECEMBER- Exploring the East
After breakfast, guests will depart the camp for a full day exploration of Santa Cruz with our naturalist guide. We will visit the Charles Darwin Station followed by lunch in Puerto Ayora. In the afternoon we will explore the wild Eastern side of Santa Cruz. At 490mts. (1600ft) above sea level, Cerro Mesa offers dramatic views, has the largest crater on Santa Cruz and numerous endemic plants as well as up to 7 subspecies of finches and the Vermillion Flycatcher. This evening we will explore Garrapatero, a pristine beach where the contrast of mangroves, black lava, white sand and turquoise water, in addition to the buzzing coastal bird life and the small pink flamingo lagoon is sensational. Kayaking and mountain biking will be available options for the more adventurous travelers today. Overnight at Galapagos Safari Camp (B, L, D)

SATURDAY 22 DECEMBER – Bartolome Island
Today we have chartered the 16 passenger day yacht Narel for an exploration of Bartolomé Island. After a 2.5 hour navigation to Bartolome, a short ten-minute walk across a sand dunes brings us to the southern beach, where harmless black-tipped reef sharks and rays are often seen in the warm, shallow water; ghost crabs creep over the sand and disappear as we approach. This beach is an excelent spot to see the Galapagos Hawk and we may see marine turtles coming ashore to nest in the sand. Afterwards, we will motor to a seprate landing to hike the famed summit trail to the top of Bartolome. From the summit we will be awarded with one of the most classic vistas in the Galapagos Islands; the eastern side of the island is dotted with small lava tubes, sunken craterscan be seen in the sea below, in the distance you can see most of the central islands, the peaks of Isabela to the west, and on a clear day Marchena and Pinta to the north. Upon departure from Bartolome, we will snorkel in a designated area where guests are likely to swim with penguins and enjoy some tropical fish. Arrival at GSC towards 6pm. overnight at Galapagos Safari Camp (B, L, D)

SUNDAY 23 DECEMBER – Plazas Island
Today we have chartered the 16 passenger day yacht Narel for an exploration of Plazas Island. It is only a short one hour navigation to Plazas and ends with a dry landing. Plazas boasts the most flora and fauna per square inch out of any island in the Galapagos Archipelago. The island is famous for it’s abundance of land iguanas feeding off the unique vegetation, the abundance of birdlife that soars on the thermals created by the islands topography and most importantly the bachelor sea lion colony which is one oft he most concentrated sea lion colonies in all of the Galapagos. Snorkeling will take place in a different location on the return boat trip. We will be back at GSC towards 5pm. Overnight at Galapagos Safari Camp (B, L, D)

MONDAY 24 DECEMBER – Departure
After breakfast guests will be transferred to the Baltra airport in private for their respective departure flights to mainland Ecuador.

Published Price: $3125 per person

Since it was a cancellation, the availability for the program is very limited so we suggest you to contact us as soon as possible and we’ll arrange it for you.