Alan and I had a truly wonderful experience in Ecuador. Santiago and the rest of staff were excellent hosts, as was the La Pinta and its staff. We had an amazing trip.
THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!! The trip was outstanding; all the arrangements were perfect – from the time we were met at the airport in Quito – to the time we were returned to the airport in Guayaquil.
Hannah, we are back from our fabulous vacation, and I am so very thankful to you for setting it all up. Please provide me with your supervisor's name and email address so I can give you proper credit! Dilger couple, Custom Galapagos Land Based, March 2012
The luxury Cruises like lapinta, Isabela, and santa cruz cruise are ultimate luxurious ships. these cruises will make your journey a pleasant one.

Fundación Scalecia Galapagos

Think Globally, Educate Locally.

The children of the world are the hope for its future. We believe in education as one of the principal tools to ensure sustainability in the long term. The Scalesia Foundation is the only non-governmental institution that is investing 100% of its efforts in EDUCATION on the Islands.

Latin Excursions is an important contributor of Fundación Scalecia please visit our foundation's friends page

Galapagos Family Yacht Vacations


Galapagos Islands Family Vacation – The Reina Silvia

Imagine the comfort and pleasure of your very own chartered luxury motor yacht for your next Galapagos family vacation — as you explore the wondrous sights of the amazing Galapagos Islands! The Reina Silvia, a first-class vessel offering all the service and quality you would expect from a world-class ship, will be your home at sea. Her captain will guide you and your family to all the incredible places, all the memory-making experiences which can only be found in the Galapagos Islands. While on board, you’ll enjoy ocean-view staterooms on this 90-foot private expeditionary boat. She has just been redesigned and updated with larger rooms to fit up to 12 passengers. 

The Reina Silvia, sister ship to the luxurious Integrity, can provide lodgings for up to 16 passengers with 8 huge staterooms and an owner’s suite -all with 5 feeet wide windows allowing for fabulous vistas. There are private bathrooms and the vessel provides air conditioning, hot water, a sun deck, a bar, salon facilities, snorkeling equipment and even sea kayaks so you and your family can make your way in to all the nooks and crannies. Your highly experienced guides will entertain and educate as you explore this magnificent world-class destination from the comfort of the Integrity’s luxurious accommodations.

Of course, both the Reina Silvia’ or the Integrity’s excursions can be customized any way you’d like, but here’s an example itinerary: You’ll fly in to Quito, Ecuador, and spend the evening settling in and relaxing on land. The next day, your guide will show you around colonial Quito. Stroll through pacific landmarks including churches, fountains, and balconied houses, narrow streets and all the rich details that such a place reveals. The Equatorial Monument is a must-see, as you can straddle the world, one foot in each hemisphere! On the 3rd day of your incredible expedition vacation, you’ll fly to the Galapagos Islands, where you’ll board the Reina Silvia and you and your family will begin your week-long amazing high quality adventure! Each day there will be at least two shore visits. Each night, you’ll sleep alongside a different island! As the week ends out, you’ll have one last peaceful night of sleep aboard the Reina Silva and enjoy breakfast on board before flying back to Quito. That evening’s schedule includes dinner and a hotel for the night. The next morning, you’ll either be flying back home, or on to the next leg in your incredible adventure!

This sort of itinerary provides a full week in the magical Galapagos Islands, with sights and experiences that will captivate everyone in your group. Whales, dolphins, two kinds of iguanas, sea lions, penguins… an incredible plethora of animals, some that one can’t see anywhere else on earth, await you and your family when you choose a yacht vacation aboard the Reina Silva.

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